Treated membraneMould on breather membrane

Mould & Mildew Removal in Roof Voids

Mould and Mildew 
Mould and mildew covered surfaces are not only very unhealthy but unsightly. Colonies of mould indicate a potential to release spores into the area affected, with the possible outcome of causing health effects to sensitive individuals. Mould and mildew in attics can cover surfaces in a thick layer of mould/mildew this could put off potential buyers in a house purchase. Trapped moulds in wall cavities have been known to cause occupants serious health problems.
Thermdry using state of the art equipment - HEPA Vacuums, Ozone, UVC and Activated Biocides which can effectively remove the mould and mildew. Our products contain a biocide that deactivates in low moisture conditions but reactivates when moisture is present. This effectively controls regrowth for some considerable time.  
Always remember that mould and mildew firstly require moisture to proliferate in any area of the house/flat I would suggest if you have problems with your property it is checked thoroughly for moisture and or ventilation issues. Thermdry UK offers three levels of mould surveys a. Basic, b. Intermediate c. Advanced
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This service is available throughout East Anglia covering Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Fakenham, Thetford,  We can offer this service also in Cambridge, Ipswich, Kings Lynn if in doubt whether we cover your area always ask us.