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Anti House Dust Mite System

Do you suffer from any of these - Asthma, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Eczema, Glue ear in children? Have you been to your GP, Hospital, Consultant and Allergist? Are you still experiencing symptoms although you are on medication and have taken environmental steps at home?

Do not despair you are not alone!

House dust mites or HDM's are members of the spider family (Acari or Acarids). They are microscopic (females 350 microns and males 300 microns). They live in soft furnishings, mattresses, duvets, oriental and modern rugs, children's toys, carpets, unfortunately, the list is unending; this is why it is so difficult to fully control your symptoms.

Remember: Never try to eradicate HDM's on your own with very strong insecticides.  Harsh insecticides are harmful to humans. 

House dust mites live primarily on human skin scales, the amount we shed and the amount of sweat we produce is well documented. A little-known fact is that the HDM's cannot eat our skin until a mould called Alternaria converts the scales into an edible form for the mites. This is most important in the control of dust mites. Remember if your house tests positive for Alternaria it will have HDM's and vice versa.

Thermdry UK  specialises in the control of HDM's and the allergic reactions created by the inhalation of their faecal pellets and broken body parts from dead mites. The owner of Thermdry UK has over 40 years experience in the understanding and control of allergic reactions was once a chronic sufferer. He suffered from chronic asthma, allergic rhinitis, and eczema. He decided to find out the cause and finally took control of all symptoms. This was done after numerous years of research and development. The system has been used with amazing success since 1993.

Remember - don't suffer, take control of your health, implement reduction procedures.

HDM facts

. Do they bite - no

. How long do they live - M 10-19 days, F 70 days

. How many eggs does a female lay in her lifetime  40-80 eggs

. How many faecal pellets does an HDM produce in a day - 20-30 pellets

. What is the chemical component that causes the allergic reactions - a gut enzyme or protease called Guanine?

. Do HDM's only eat the dead skin of humans - no they are scavengers, they will eat many different foods, moulds, pet dander, fungi, and partially decomposed organic matter.

. Do they drink water through their mouthparts - no they absorb atmospheric moisture (humidity) through spiracles at the top of each leg?


Thermdry UK can offer the following services

1. Testing of the whole house to pinpoint contamination

2. Full house treatment systems to control HDM's

3. Advice and training for future ongoing control  (after treatments)

4. Unique ideas and methods to overcome sensitivities.

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This service is available in East Anglia - Norfolk, Suffolk. Cambridgeshire