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Disinfection & Sanitisation Services

Today we are bombarded by the media about antibiotic-resistant microorganisms, MRSA, C Difficile, Staphylococcus Aureus and many more healthcare-related infections.

Thermdry UK are specialists in ULV fogging

Thermdry UK uses state of the art ultra low volume foggers that produce droplets from 1-30 microns. Droplets of less than 10 microns account for over 70% of the total quantity. The fogger produces a very fine vapour that travels like a gas, finding all areas and coating with a thin film. This film when dry remains active for days, months and years. Thermdry uses an award-winning patented disinfectant that comprises four synergised components. If the microorganism becomes resistant to one of the components there are three more, the likelihood of resistance is nil. The disinfectant is a synergised product that works at the nanoscale: it has been proven to be harmless to humans and animals, lethal to microorganisms with a proven log 6 immediate kill.

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Thermdry UK Vapour cleaning is the production of steam at 150 deg C and above that is forced out of a nozzle at up to 6 bar pressure. The steam which is about 5% by volume mixes with the air to produce a very low moisture vapour. The cleaning and sterilising effect is dramatic, microorganisms killed instantly, surfaces degreased and cleaned, dirt and debris washed away. Thermdry UK vapour cleaning is also highly effective in eradicating dust mites and bed bugs.

Who can avail themselves of these services?

Care Homes
Social Housing
Private Hospitals
Doctors Surgeries
Health Centres
Veterinary Surgeries
Nursery Schools
Day-care Centres 

In truth, this is a small part of the potential end users as the list is endless! Don't worry if you are not on the list, give us a ring today.

Disinfectant Information 

 Formula 429 Plus Anti-Microbial - Product Description

"A cleaning product that combines a patented formulation of biocides" (NHS Smart Solutions HCAI2009 Winners) Probably one of the most accomplished Anti-Microbial treatments available, and an utterly fabulous product to use ... "A cleaning product that combines a patented formulation of biocides" (NHS Smart Solutions HCAI2009 Winners) A recent 2010 winner of the "Smart Solutions HCAI" (Health Care-Associated Infections) for infection control. (ref: www.smartsolutionsforhcai.co.uk
Formula 429 provides a fabulous product to use, with a very slight foaming action. Lasting and On-Going and Active Protection against re-contamination will be provided for weeks, months, and sometimes years depending on circumstances, environment and use.

Has been independently tested and accredited to provide a Log Kill of 6!!! (That's a millionth reduction!!) (Ref: Bleach with a lesser Log Kill of up to 3).

A Water Based Anti-Microbial with broad spectrum kill and residual control.

Chemspec Formula 429 is suitable for use in the worst flood black water contamination situations. Formula 429 has been designed for, and is ideal for use in decontamination of so many professional, commercial, domestic and specialist use areas, applications, equipment and surroundings;

(E.g. From Hospital Ward de-contamination, to use as the ultimate, day to day, maintenance system in the cleanest of Domestic homes, large or small)

Very pleasant and popular fresh "Forest Fresh" odour, for use in areas where deodorisation is required. EN approved for use as a disinfectant. EN1276, EN13704, EN1650, EN13696 [Common Mis-Spell: Anti Microbial/AntiMicrobial & Deodorisation] A water-based anti-microbial with multi-surface broad spectrum kill and residual control: 4 - 4 Biocides 2 -Instant Kill and Residual Efficacy 9 - Nanoscopic

 Level of Activity: Suitable for white to greywater contaminations.

Effective for political micro control of Paeruginosa, E.Coli, S.Aureus, Enterococcus Hirae, Bacillus suttilis, MRSA, C.Difficile, Aspergillus Niger, Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella Pneumophila.

Formula 429 and Formula 429 Plus is increasingly recognised as the most effective way to safely treat blood, body fluid and other contamination as a deodouriser and anti-microbial on carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces. This remarkable product safely achieves the tough objectives associated with the battle against harmful and even dangerous bacteria whilst satisfying the stringent biocidal legislation being implemented in the near future.

This is truly World Patent Hygiene Technology. 

FOR OR ON-GOING PROTECTION & SANITIZATION FROM flu virus such as Swine Flu - A(H1 N1), Formula 429 is suitable for CLEANING, PROTECTION AND MAINTENANCE of surfaces which have been contaminated by viral infection and contamination.

Probably one of the most accomplished Anti-Microbial and Anti-Viral treatments available.

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 We offer this service  in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough area and Lincolnshire